Community Platform

Build Community. Build Loyalty. Stand out from the crowd!

Custom branded solutions for Credit Unions. Completely self-managed system!

Build Community. Build Loyalty. Stand out from the crowd!


Provide quick access for your members to relevant content! Completely configurable!


Business members can provide discounts directly to members! Increase business and awareness!


Highlight credit union promotions and services. Communicate directly to your members!

Helping businesses and members connect through the Community Platform

Leveraging your relationships with the local community and business members to help members connect!

How it works

  • Business members can provide special discounts to the members of your credit union. This can include cash discounts, service discounts and other incentives.

  • Members can browse the discounts which provides shopping and purchase incentives and allows members to save time and money.

  • Provides additional awareness to the community for new and existing business. This also provides an incentive to businesses and members to sign up.

  • Best of all, it's free for your businesses and members!

Ready to stand out and make a difference? Check out the Community Platform today!

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